Thursday, February 4, 2010

If these walls could talk....

If these walls could talk,
What would they say,
Would they keep all our secrets,
Or would they give them all away.

Would they have seen me next to you,
Watching you till the break of dawn,
Seeing you smile in you sleep,
Or a bad dream that makes you frown.

Would they remember the day you left me,
Would they know how my heart was almost torn,
Do they know what I pretended not to,
That someday soon you'd be gone.

If these walls could hear,
Would they have heard me beggin' you to stay,
Helped me keep those doors closed,
Would they have stopped you from slipping away.

If these walls could talk,
They would tell me not to cry,
They'd tell me to be alright,
They would surely help me hide.

If these doors could talk,
They'd tell me I'm lonely but not alone,
I know within these four walls,I'm by myself,,
But sometime I feel I'm not on my own.

If these walls could walk,
They will close up on me and let me fly,
When they hear me cry at night,
And they will know that I have finally lost this fight.

These walls are shaking from all of our mistakes,
I can still hear your slamming of the door on my face,
But baby, I have no regrets as I crumble in this place,
This house we built, this home that we had once made.


  1. Good one.. I loved the language...
    U wrote this in a heart broken mood?

  2. Awesummmm gal!!! You write superb poems !!!Loved this one too :)


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