Saturday, February 13, 2010

what do you tell.....?

What do you tell a man who loves you inspite all your flaws,
Who loves you no matter what you do or say,
What do you tell a man who never says no to you,
Regardless of how ridiculous your requests and wants may be,
What do you tell a man who quits his job, uproots himself from everything that he ever knew,
And flies thousands of miles into an unknown future just to be with you.
What do you tell a man who loves your family and prays for your family,
A family that had rejected him time and again.
What do you tell a man who would rather hurt himself than hurt you,
Because he thinks he is tougher and can handle it, but never lets you know how much he's hurting.
What do you tell a man who spends all his hard earned money on a trip to see you,
To console you, coz you are depressed at your work.
What do you tell a man who has only one answer to explain all his crazy actions,
And to him it is very simple, "coz I love her..".
You wanna know what you tell such a man?
You say thank you.
You say, baby, for all that you have given me, and for all that is to come in the future..... thank you.
No promises of  "no more fights", "no more arguments", "no more hurting each other"...... our future is gonna be full of fights, mostly b'coz of me, lotsa up's n down's. But I promise you it will be an adventure, and thank you for being a part of it all.
Happy V day.


  1. Wow.. now tht is what I call it a true lover..:)

  2. Thats really so sweeeet...Wish that lovable be with you forever :)Happy valentines Day :)

  3. one helluva lucky woman:) hope u had a nice V day! cheers to you'll!

  4. You don't say anything - you reciprocate in actions in the years to come.

  5. Thanx "anonymous". ;-)

    Blogger- I hope the same too.

    hey rach- I had to cover dad's clinic on V day. N its chinese new yr here. we made up for it d next day. :-) Hope u had a nice time.

  6. yup i had a love-ly time:),kp writin .tc

  7. All i feel right now is envy:P


  8. he might be called a fool-ovar type of person.
    loved this, wished to be like this.

    checkout my blog n comment if possible

  9. dis is so sweet...u must be in love...
    keep writin cheers


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