Monday, February 8, 2010

For d kid who had to.... "go stand out..." ;-)

I scrolled thru all the comments,
Expecting nothin special in its content,
But somethin new and cute (?) was sent,
I had no idea what was her intent.

I wondered if she was mocking me,
Or were there hidden compliments tht I cudn't see,
Either way, I decided to reply back with glee,
To the one who took time to ridicule me.

I write things dark, sometimes I write em bright,
Most are crappy stuff tht I scribble at nite,
Then I read her writings, n I ask why do I even try,
I paled in comparison, she's so much more than just "alrite".

Her words made me smile, sum made me sigh,
She was a the writer, everythin of her's I liked,
Outta curiosity, I checked out her profile,
SHE is a HE.... "a talented male??!!!", loudly I cried.....


  1. It wasnt me.... lolz...

    Nice random post.... went through few of ur posts... kinda interesting random stuff u write... nice blog... :)


  2. Quite interesting .
    You seem to have made a nice poetry out of nothing..
    Great going..
    Keep posting

  3. lolz..dats funny :) you too write good stuffs gal :) keep them flowing :)


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