Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Say it isn't so.......

Sunday morning, "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" marathon on tv. She was leaning against him, he had his arms around her.

She: What would you do if I die?
He: *silence*
She: Tell... tell.... what would you do?
He: Are you trying to pick a fight with me by asking this unbelievably stupid question?
She: Are you trying to pick a fight by being unbelievably rude?
He: *keeps quiet & starts flipping the channels*
She: I was watching that....

She gets up and sits on a different couch, letting the distance tell what her voice isn't. That she is angry and irritated and she wants him to feel the same. Angry. Irritated. It isn't fair!

She: Will you marry someone else?
He: *silence*
She: Coz I don't mind you know... coz you should, move on.
He: *silence*
She: After a decent amount of mourning period...
He: *silence*
She: Will you tell her about me?
He: Who?
She: Your wife. Do you plan on telling her about me?
He: I'm not planning anything. Can you please stop this crap and listen to Chandler....
She: It is really your wish. You can..... like, not tell her as well.
He: *silence*
She : But you cannot use the names that I have picked for our kids. Though I won't be having any if I die.
He: *silence*

She waited till the end of the episode.... Rachel and Ross kissed, his ex was bald, the gang left the beach...

She: Will you miss me if I die?
He: *silence*
She: Tell na..... At least the fights? Or my terrible cooking? Hehehehe....
He: We haven't fought for the past 7 days. Is that too long a fight-free period?
She: Whoa... where is that coming from..?
He: You just died, married me off to somene else, have me have kids, warned me not to use the names that you have already picked for the kids that you think you are not going to have..... all in your imagination. What the hell is wrong with you?
She: *silence*
He: Match is starting.... lets watch this ok.

She: I might be dying. That's what's wrong with me. I don't have the courage to open the sealed report that I got from the oncologist today. I'm afraid of what I might find in there. I don't have the heart to tell you what my "hair treatment" appointments have really been. I wish I could just sit with you and watch "Friends" or a cricket match, carelessly, carefree. And not think about medical reports.
Most of all, I am scared to die. That is what's wrong with me.

He: What's wrong...? *frown*
She: Can I ask you something?
He: As long as it isn't your million dollar silly questions...! *laughs nervously*
She: What would you do if I die....?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"starry starry night...."

The sound that echoed in the field,
The lead pellets that are buried in his chest still,
Were his savior, for he, they did not kill.
Though the shot was deadly,
Still the blood had flown very slowly,
His body took 2 days to stop its bloody cry,
In the end it understood his need,
His desperation to rise and to fly.
He crossed over, leaped into the unseen,
It was alot more than what he had imagined,
Was nowhere close to where he had been,
Brighter were the stars, bluer are the skies,
Better than his beautiful "Starry night",
He saw the sun rising over the mountains,
And slowly sinking into an ocean so wide,
A place to fall in love with, he had found,
The seas that don't beckon him to drown,
Or the hills that don't entice him to die,
Flowers that sing, colours that are alive,
Seas and trees were teasing him to again try,
12 sunflowers and lilacs, daisies and daffodils,
Sunset village, autumn lanes and old windmills,
Falling leaves, willows, hills and wheat fields,
Rivers that flow, landscape of snow,
Everything reincarnated, where he chose to go.
"fatal circumstances" and all that he had to see,
In the time he was here before he had to leave,
A grieving brother, in a lethal sorrow he sank deep.
On the walls and in our hearts he shall be,
In heaven made by angels,
is where he shall forever sleep.....
Though it was a life that defines tragic,
All he left behind was framed up magic....

(vincent van gogh.... birth of an art....)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adrenaline rush.....

Our eyes met across the hall,
He was so handsome and so tall,
I knew what was on his mind,
His lazy smile said it all,
There was no need for the ice to be broken,
Anyhow it was quickly melting,
In the heat of crazy anticipation,
I could feel my weak heart racing,
As I nervously sat there with my palms sweating,
And my hands uncontrollably shaking,
My traitorous eyes, the secrets they were revealing,
It was pin-drop silence,
All I heard was the loud clock ticking,
I started hyperventilating,
Precious seconds, precious minutes were passing,
He took his own sweet time walking,
An unmistakable swagger,
His light brown eyes were shooting warning daggers,
A single finger swept across the back of my chair,
His words were barely heard, whispered breath,
With lips slightly parted, he softly said,
Dripping with sarcasm was his stupid drawl,
I was tempted to kick him,
If only he wasn't the invigilator of the hall,
He said, "Do not copy, this is a university exam.
Your fear is so damn obvious, you're inexperienced, my friend.
Your buddy behind you, he's an expert, learn from him,
Its taken me 2 long hours,
To detect the handsfree that he has been using,"
Though scared, I tried to smile, all I wanted to do was cry,
This lame attempt at cheating, something I'll never wanna try.