Friday, January 29, 2010

hey you.... yeah you....

Hey you... yeah you....
How did you.... why did you land on my page?
What are you looking for?
Some kinda fun post to make ur day?
Something sad and cold, that would feed your grieving soul?
Or somethin that might make you sit up and say,
"Damn this is good, wish I had written it this way.."?

Hey you... yeah you....
Is it weird that I am talking to you?
This creepy conversation across time n space...
My one way conversation that may go nowhere...
I know I'm a stranger without a face...
Do you wonder whats next that I might say,
Do you wonder at all in the first place....

Hey you... yup... you...
Maybe thru these pages we will become friends,
Maybe this friendship someday would take a forward leap,
Each other's secrets we will keep,
Maybe someday somewhere we'd accidentally meet,
Not knowing this virtual connection that once had run deep,
Then again, maybe we aren't meant to be.... ;-)

Do you sit on the other side and wonder about me too,
The way I wonder who is reading all this, who are you,
I wonder if some of these lines make you smile,
Or did I write something that made you sigh,
Do I make you want to know me,
Your thought, your reactions, I wish I could see.

Hey you... arre baba... yes, you....
Do you know when I put these thoughts into words,
And weave these words and call it a "post",
I feel happy for having created something without a cost.
But I'm better when you come and read these stuff I've scribbled,
And leave without even sayin' a word,
I delude myself into thinkin' that you got ur 2 mins worth.


  1. This made me smile and is my 2 mins worth .. ;-)

  2. good one babes.. see i m :) now...

  3. dats cute ...a very different poem , wirtten so simply gr8 !!!!

  4. tell u 1 thng,among few presentations dat actually distinguishs btw poems n song,try to compose a song over it.i almost tried to sing kate perry's Hot N Cold though it didnt fitted..lovely wrk

  5. somethin new...somethin cute
    def it is,my 2 mins worth:)
    ..........n more!

  6. Hey you, yes you,
    look at me me when I am talking to you,
    reminded me of my teacher in school,
    "go stand out you fool "
    I never thought I could write till then,
    that's when I took up the pen,
    scribbled a few notes,
    about my silly anedotes,
    posted in on a log,
    which washed away and left me agog,
    then one day I saw that log,
    it came back with the waves,
    the notes were scribbled on wood,
    surprised I stood,
    the notes had changed tenets,
    and it read is it worth your 2 minutes?

  7. Wonderful way to talk ...

    I felt you were siting in front of me and talking atleast for 2 mins !!

    Liked it !!

  8. Wow!
    Thats a wonderful way to connect.
    Wanna start an e-mail conversation?
    It wud be fun. Are u game for it?

  9. wow...evry post f urs ir so nice


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