Monday, October 18, 2010

"I am... "

I'm the air that blows on your back on a sticky summer night,
I'm the skip of a heartbeat on your first frightened flight,
That comforting warmth of a sip of whisky in the winter cold,
When you thought life was but hopelessness, I'm that flicker of hope,
I'm the tease of a smile in your child that is 3 days old,
I'm the wind that's blowing you towards unfound gold,
I'm the last strand of strength when you thought you can no longer hold,
I'm the best kept whispered secret that no one has ever told,
In the corner of a heart dying in disbelief and hate,
I'm the birth and survival of that hint of faith,
When the roof is caving in and the walls are closing,
I'm the earthquake that swallows you and saves you from within,
I'm the hand on your back when you need to go on with your fight,
The firefly next to you till you reach the end of a tunnel without light,
I'm the vision of your mother who no longer tucks you in to sleep tight,
And the twinkle in the angel's eyes that take away your bad dreams at night,
I'm the very last sip of water after your spiciest bite,
That voice in your head that's screaming not to lose sight,
I'm the miracle cure of your every lil' unwell cell,
And the magic in the first love that you couldn't tell,
I'm the sound of the first thunder when you are caught in a forest fire,
I'm the tune of the rushing river when you're weak with thirst and hunger,
I am not unseen yet not visible, though I do not hide or die,
You don't see me, you did not look, no... you didn't even try,
Recognise me for who I am... for I am greater than all that you can imagine,
I am that last force that has been with you from your very beginning......