Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's you that I fall for....

-there's a gleam in your eyes when you are cooking. you seem to be equally comfortable with a ladle in your hand in front of the stove... as you are with a mouse in your hand in front of a computer. Computer whizz or Indian chef....? I cannot decide.

-your eyes keep darting to my plate as soon as you finish your food. your fingers are waiting for my "want some..?". are you a food stealer or my personal weight watcher? I cannot decide.

-a smile breaks across your face at the mention of cricket. you sometimes bowl an invisible ball in our living room. I can imagine you as a red-mud covered 10 year old boy, fielding like a pro. A child that never grew out of the game or a religious cricket fanatic? I cannot decide.

-with a worried look after finding a single strand of white hair, you stand and stare at the mirror, troubled. Should I tell you to laugh it off or tell you about the other 10 white strands at the back that you can't see? I cannot decide.

-the destitute look on your face when you have to iron a shirt. you can wash the car, do the dishes and clean our house, all in a blink of an eye, yet cry to iron a shirt?? is it a new undocumented phobia or some kind of selective laziness? I cannot decide.

-an amaaaaa.....zing voice. And amazing speed at which you create your own lyrics (as you sing along) when you forget the words of a song. An undiscovered lyricist or an amnesic singer? I cannot decide.

-the loud laughter I hear when you are watching a silly comedy. Yet you did not see the "funny" in our accident, when our newly serviced Civic was "accidentally" parked upside down on the hill. That was a funny "crash"! Narrow sense of humour or natural defence mechanism? I cannot decide.... lol

-stubborn, splenetic, stoic silence when in hunger.... loud, cuckoo, maniacal when with cousins... comical, philosophical and multilingual when sloshed. Multiple personality or manipulative? I cannot decide.

so many things yet to discover.
tiny details of another september that I'd remember forever.

a man of principles, complex contradictions, a shy smile and great hair. :-)
you made it so easy for me to fall in love with you....
my floor has been slippery from the day I met you....
..... you make me fall... again... and again.... and again.....

happy anniversary, D.