Sunday, February 21, 2010

India 298, South Africa- all out

India vs South Africa.....
I come home and see him sitting without a shirt, happy with the match so far.
I think, "Hmmm....nice body...".
South Africa starts scoring like crazy....
He says, "You step into the house and India is on the verge of losing... you r jinxed".
I said, "Do you want me to stand outside or you wanna cross your fingers?"
He crossed his fingers and so did I.
Praveen Kumar steps in....
"Is it a 4 or a 3....?"
He says, "I should be there on the field. You know... I should have been..."
Yeah... you and every indian man I know.

(There was this moment there, I was wondering what would happen when a blog junkie marries a cricket junkie. One plastered onto the computer screen and the other onto the tv screen. )

India wins.... South Africa.... ALL OUT!

He yells!!!! I scream!!!!  INDIA WON!!!
In my head I say, instead of paying 1 K to watch these matches on tv, I am gonna take a flight to India for one live experience of IPL.
It's gonna be one hell of an experience.. :-)

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  1. lol ! .. good post ... yeah m lookin forward to the IPL matches too ;)...
    and coming back to the S.A Vs Ind match ... although m glad tht Ind won... i liked the way S.A played


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