Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I must be doin somethin right....

After 4 years of trials and troubles,
You are still here with me every night,
After all the wrongs in my life,
Did I finally do something right...

I know you found me at a wrong time,
The most testing phase of my life,
I almost killed you with my fights,
Why did u stay, what did I do right....

Inspite of the hurdles that were thrown our side,
You never gave up and held on tight,
You acted like a guardian to a spoilt child,
Why do u always do whats right....

Outta my death, u made me come alive, 
Outta the darkness, you brought me light,
I was wrecked, wretched & wronged,
Why did u wanna make me right...

It used to be heartbreak and hurt,
Now in your eyes I only see light, 
We make each other breathe,
Then we must to be doing something right....

Beautifully magical & magically beautiful is our life,
Now even at night I only see the stars shining bright,
If I have been given someone like you,
I really must have done something right....

You are my heart's only truth,
I'm so glad I still have you,
Since you never left my side,
I know I must be doin somethin right.


  1. wow..its too good ..seems like you have put in words what I am rightly going thru :)

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