Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adrenaline rush.....

Our eyes met across the hall,
He was so handsome and so tall,
I knew what was on his mind,
His lazy smile said it all,
There was no need for the ice to be broken,
Anyhow it was quickly melting,
In the heat of crazy anticipation,
I could feel my weak heart racing,
As I nervously sat there with my palms sweating,
And my hands uncontrollably shaking,
My traitorous eyes, the secrets they were revealing,
It was pin-drop silence,
All I heard was the loud clock ticking,
I started hyperventilating,
Precious seconds, precious minutes were passing,
He took his own sweet time walking,
An unmistakable swagger,
His light brown eyes were shooting warning daggers,
A single finger swept across the back of my chair,
His words were barely heard, whispered breath,
With lips slightly parted, he softly said,
Dripping with sarcasm was his stupid drawl,
I was tempted to kick him,
If only he wasn't the invigilator of the hall,
He said, "Do not copy, this is a university exam.
Your fear is so damn obvious, you're inexperienced, my friend.
Your buddy behind you, he's an expert, learn from him,
Its taken me 2 long hours,
To detect the handsfree that he has been using,"
Though scared, I tried to smile, all I wanted to do was cry,
This lame attempt at cheating, something I'll never wanna try.


  1. KLPD hua hehe;) nice post though..

  2. LOLzzzz... That was sooooooooooooooooooo sensual AND funny ... Kudos to this one ... Hey, if you have time check out my stories too ... :)

  3. lolz...that was quite funny !!!loved the way you penned it !

  4. Metaphorically a beautiful blog.
    I liked the way u described things, Be more poetical!

  5. woo! .. that's a really good one :)...
    i liked it !!

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  7. HEHE! Nice.... Never Expected the twist...

  8. lolz....very gud 1 yaar,...liked it..:)


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