Thursday, August 26, 2010

A letter from.....

Hey there missus, may I ask you "how do you do?",
Here I am writing a letter that wouldn't reach you,
In a place where the skies are always light blue,
But no telephone, no postbox, no communication tool.
60 odd years that I had to spend with you,
Those last 60 days that I had to put you through.
I heard every single word, felt your every light touch,
Though my dear blur one, you hadn't the faintest clue.
The morning paper always found its way to my breakfast table,
You somehow knew that without it, I just couldn't do,
For 60 mornings when my body had refused to move,
I heard your voice reading me every page of news, 
Silly woman, you read even the weather forecast too.
Your voice was the balm to all my aching wound,
I hated the sound and smell of my hospital room,
But the moment you walk in even before sunrise, I knew,
I'll be comforted till twilight by the smell of your perfume,
& listening to the soft sounds you make when you gently move,
I looked forward to the caresses of your callused palms,
How they were simply made to perfectly fit mine,
Through our slippery path and rough rides through time,
You were my unseen strength, my hidden source of calm.
You apologized, that our Alan ain't smart like the rest,
Well, he has always been the dullest in our little nest.
He takes after your father, I realized later, no fault of yours nor mine,
It's random gene selection, probability was a little unkind.
I see you now, walking around our house looking for things to do,
Is your knee troubling you? You have 3 legs now, not 2...
Stop checking the doors again and again... like you always do!
I sit on our porch at night, no harm will come upon you.
When the time comes for you to say your last goodbye,
Don't hold back, don't try to breathe and please don't cry.
Trust me on this, this one time you'll love to lose the fight,
It's the  answer to the wish you made to the stars last night,
I'm coming to take you with me in about a fortnight,
To a place where the moonlight shines through daylight,
Once again we'll laugh till we cry, we'll fight, we reunite,
Our new life begins, my dear, the minute after you die,
Come here... love me just the way you had loved me till my death,
Come here.... let me love you the way I had till my very last breath.


  1. girl....u made me cry....what emotions,what set of phrases perfectly put together...amazing touch to ur story...the love,the pain,the commitment,the tragedy,the stunned by what words can do. please continue writing such brilliant pieces of art. i just cant keep myself from saying that im in love with ur writing and just cant stop but read it again and again and again. superb work.

  2. hi dear... u r too generous with ur compliments. :-) i wrote this with an old couple in mind, they are my patients. the husband died some months back, the lady stays on her own now. i'm honoured knowing u like my writing. thank u...

  3. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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