Saturday, December 19, 2009

All kinda hunger.......

HE:   Watcha doin?
SHE: Blogging...
HE:   I'm hungry.
SHE: I know.
HE:   I'm serious. I want, I do.
SHE: I get it, you are hungry.
HE:   All kinda hungry.
SHE. I know. 7 hours without food is a long time for u.
HE:   It has been 7 days. In some countries its considered a very very long time...
SHE: Where shall we go?
HE:   Room.
SHE: Rome? That's pretty far. Feel like pizza-ing today huh?
HE:   No, room. Feel like dancing.
SHE: Come to think of it, I feel like it too, like hot hot pizza with mozzarella cheese right about now
HE:   I feel the same, minus the "pizza with mozzarella part".
SHE: They have a new thing, pepperoni with cheese stuffed crust.
HE:   Geez woman!!
SHE: Yeah, cheese!
HE:   Fine, lets go.
SHE: Want me to drive?
HE:   I wanted you to "ride"...... sigh.... Its ok, I'll drive.
SHE: (smiling) I'm so glad you know, that we always seem to want the same thing at the same time.
HE:   Yeah, yeah. Lucky me...


  1. have u seen the pics of a the centres in a man's brain and how remotely similar it is to a woman's. nice post, naughty n cute!


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