Saturday, November 28, 2009

"wef ishfer inti?"

It was a long day, a bad long day. Started off with power failure till 12 pm, followed by the horrible bangalore traffic which made us late for a movie that made me wanna run out screaming. We did the rounds in the mall, searching for a place to sit our asses and rest our feet. Nowhere to go, we ended up in the food court, which was quickly filling up with hungry bears like ourselves.

As we were stuffing our faces with our subs, I noticed a couple right next to us. The holding hands, tiny pecks on the cheeks, sharing a drink and the constant back massage that the guy was giving her was making my Teriyaki chicken make its way up my oesophagus.... Too much of mushy-ness has always giving me nausea. My weak stomach can only take sooooo much of PDA. Some people forget that "rooms" were bulit for a reason.

I was trying to hold down my food when we heard a high pitched, "pleeeeaaassee bbbbaaayyyyybbbbeeeee.... ". I nearly choked on my food but managed a silent prayer..."god, this is good, expensive, tasty food.... don't let me throw it all up,".

Well, alrite, alrite... I am exaggerating here. I wasn't gonna puke. But I was so very uncomfortable none the less. "crazy couple," I muttered. "Just eat, dont look," he said, totally unperturbed.

So, as our Don Juan got up to get Princess her whatever that she pleeeeeeeded for, we had a clear view of her posterior. A posterior that would have looked rather sexy, had she manage to stuff it fully in her jeans. Her jeans were so low, that her gluteal cleft and half of each of her two full sphere was out.... That makes 2 hemisphere, doesnt it??

My boyfriend on the other hand had a glimpse of the display and said "wef ishfer inti?" with his mouth full. "What language is that? Hindi, bengali, kannada?" My mind working fast trying to correlate his french to my neighbour's bum. He took his time, swallowed his bite and said in a whisper, "where is her panties?!".
I was stunned.... "what!". "Where is her PANTIES?", my boyfriend whispered a lil louder.
"Where ARE her panties... and to answer u, maybe she doesn't own any," I answered.

He smiled at me, "You have a nangga pungga neighbour but you are busy correcting my grammar han? hmmmm she must be feeling cold.... hehehehe".
My dam of mirth broken, I couldn't stop laughing. The bad day forgotten, sharing a joke at someone else's expense, smirking under our hands. Thank you bare posterior for making our day. And to the rest of you low cut jeans goin commando..... Thank you. U are making someone else laugh out there ;-) HEHEHEHEHEHE............


  1. This one is terribly cute, especially the title;)
    to all the low waisted belles outhere n some dude s too..hope they get the message pretty clear!

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  3. Visited your both of blog.....
    Quite nice writing.....
    Keep it up...

  4. nice blog


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